Posted by: J M | March 5, 2010

B is for beginnings

The start of something new is always exciting. You can never recapture that feeling you have when experiencing something for the very first time. Your personal première.

Take moving to a new area, for example. For the first two or three weeks it seems as if there is literally no place more weird and wonderful on Earth, even if you’re not keen on your new surroundings.

New supermarkets are explored as if the Andes, local bakeries and butchers cooed over as if new babies, and your new pubs and restaurants bring a thrill second only to being seated next to Joan Collins at The Ivy.

Familiarity, as they say, breeds contempt. After a while, you begin to resent the fading of the freshness and the enthusiasm you once felt. Quite quickly, you realise that your local pub is actually a shithole frequented by tramps, hookers and estate agents. You’re bored by the same old places and faces. The local bakery that was such a ‘find’ has dubious hygiene standards. Your local butcher is a homophobic dunderhead with paedophile tendencies. Your local supermarket stocks the wrong kind of cous-cous. Everything turns to excrement.

And then you get comfortable. You start to love again your rough-around-the-edges local boozer, and the nightly stabbings are just an added bonus and a distraction from the karaoke.

There’s a reason why people hanker after ‘fresh starts’ and ‘new beginnings’, usually because they’re associated with the end of something that’s gone before. But there’s also a childlike quality about finding the new and different fascinating. There are so few genuine opportunities to look at things with a fresh pair of eyes and the wonderment of a child that we must grab them while I can.

When I move house next week, you’ll find me in aisle 3 of Morrison’s, gazing in awe at the selection of savoury rice as if Jesus himself had plonked them down on the shelf in front of my very eyes.



  1. B is also for Bradford!!

    Oh Morrison’s…. how you taunt me with your British references…. I still dream about their pie and baked goods section…. send me a minced meat ?

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